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4th Annual Christmas Charity Event

For four years the M2 Consulting Company has brought people and communities together with an Annual Christmas Charity Event.  This spiritual and physical gift of charity crosses cultural boundaries reaching everyone from at-risk individuals to the elderly.  The depth and complexity of the work of M2 has created a place that is not just a consulting company, but a charitable institution in the community.  


This year, M2 will host it’s Fourth Annual Christmas Charity Event on December 21, 2017 at 12pm at the Caring Hands Seniors Center.  Our goal is to empower each Senior Citizen of the Caring Hands Seniors Center with a Christmas Gift to help the Seniors develop confidence, utilize accessibilities and to feel wanted.


In order to ensure the success of this very important charity event, we are seeking in-kind donations and monetary donations from generous supporters, like you, to help defray the costs associated with providing Christmas gifts to the Seniors of the Caring Hands Seniors Center.


Caring Hands Seniors Center is a nonprofit, faith based organization dedicated to assisting elderly individuals in the community.  It provides daily lunches, transportation services, outreach, arts and crafts in a supportive environment ensuring each Senior is infused with positive energy and love.


ALL in-kind donations and monetary donations are tax-deductible and 100% of the proceeds will go to providing Christmas gifts for the Seniors of Caring Hands Seniors Center.  

We hope that we can count on you to help support our cause!

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