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The Brunch.

Marco Mays and Tranquil Elusions Travel have joined forces to take The Brunch with Marco Mays across the globe.  


The Brunch with Marco Mays: International Series is an Empowerment Brunch Series for that adventurist person.  Marco will manage a group of individuals on a destination around the world to continue to create an environment to bridge people together through social interactions.


Marco will utilize the surrounding environments of the travel destination to encompass daily journal gatherings, group outings to network and of course, a themed brunch event to create the experience of your journey.


Originally, Marco created The Brunch as a place for entrepreneurs who fly solo and do not have a team to bounce off of, to come together with like-minded people and be supported.  Since then, The Brunch has grown in all directions and for all people.  Whether you are in business, love culture, just looking to have a tantalizing brunch or just meet some fabulous and interesting people, a spot on Marco's adventure is a must.

What better way to experience a journey!

About The Brunch
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Sponsorship Opportunities.

We have created various ways that you can integrally partner with Marco Mays and The Brunch. In addition, if you have some other creative ways to partner with this fabulous series of events, then we are open to working with you to create something that suits your brand and business.

Sponsor A Seat.

One of the things that Marco is passionate about is empowering others.  Through his philanthropic work, he has realised how just one hour and some positive words can change someone's life, if only for a few hours.


Marco has decided to have some seats at his table that will be reserved for special guests and you can be a part of it by purchasing their seat for them.  


Each of our special guests will receive a welcome card from you, a swag bag and a brunch experience that they will value for always.



In-Kind Sponsorship.

In-Kind Sponsorships are always a great simple way to effectively promote your products and services. Although we are not promoting to huge numbers, we are promoting to a captive audience.  


Each attendee will be given a swag bag nearing the end of The Brunch and Marco will personally go through each addition and speak about each of the contents.


Note:  Social Media Post Inclusion with In-Kind Sponsorship.

Sponsor Application
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