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"Your brand, it's how one person describes your business to another."
Does your brand do you justice?  
What message is it sending to your customers? 
Too many times I see talented artists, amazing product, clever businesses and individuals that have either no real brand or one that does not do them justice. 

I am in the business of creating. I can build your brand from the ground up, or breathe new life into your existing brand. From your name to colours to typography - every detail is crucial in communicating your brand to your potential audience. Our strategy is to position your brand from the start as a dynamic and progressive entity, telling your unique story through a distinct name and logo, using colors that will affect your customers in just the right way.  With you and I working together, your brand will speak for itself when words are absent.

Brand Development

Brand Awareness

Brand Maintenance

Whether for online or for social media, over the years I have come across some really effective, cool and inexpensive ideas for marketing. It's all about the image!


Effective logos, business cards, flyers or any kind of collateral that you hand out or post on line to potential customers, doesnt have to be complicated and costly.



Business Cards

Promotional Cards






Social Media Timeline Covers

Social Media Flyers

I am available for consultation only.  I can consult with you on what you are doing, how you want to bring it to life, what you want your brand to say and give my advise on the direction you should take.

I can design a personal package suitable for your needs - from the basics to full branding and site management.  Whether you are wanting a blog, online store or take bookings online - I can help.
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